Adopted May 1, 1993, and last amended June 2015

Article I – Purpose

Section 1- Purpose

The purpose of the Palmetto State Brewers, Inc., is to enjoy and promote the hobby of homebrewing.

Section 2 – Goals

A. To engage in activities focused on homebrewing as a common foundation.

B. To learn more about beer, beer tasting, beer judging, and brewing techniques based on the sharing of knowledge and experience.

C. To promote the hobby and enjoyment of homebrewing.

D. To promote the responsible use of alcoholic beverages.

Article II – Membership

Section 1 – Eligibility

Any person of legal age to consume alcoholic beverages in the State of South Carolina is eligible for membership.

Section 2 – Acceptance

Membership acceptance is upon application to the club and maintenance of current dues.

Section 3 – Rights and Liability of Members

Each member of the club shall have the right to vote on club matters. The members of the club shall not be liable for the debts or obligations of the club. No member shall receive compensation for services rendered to the club except as otherwise approved by the officers of the club. A club member may be reimbursed for expenses reasonably incurred on behalf of the club, if approved by the club officers.

Section 4 – Guests

Members may bring guests to club meetings and functions. Members shall be responsible for their guests and the conduct of their guests.

Section 5 – Membership Year

The membership year shall be a twelve-month period rather than a calendar year.

Section 6 – Non-Discrimination

Club membership shall not be denied to any individual who is of legal drinking age in the State of South Carolina and who has paid current dues.

Section 7 – Hold Harmless and indemnification

Each Person who becomes a member of Palmetto State Brewers, Inc. acknowledges and agrees to the following statement:

“My participation in this club is entirely voluntary. I know that participation in club activities involves the consumption of an alcoholic beverage and this may affect my perception and reactions. I accept responsibility for my conduct, behavior and actions and release Palmetto State Brewers, Inc. its members, officers and venue owners and/or operators of responsibility for my conduct, behavior and actions or any consequences thereof. My participation includes that of any of my guests who may be present at club activities, wherever such may be held. I agree to indemnify and hold Palmetto State Brewers, Inc., its members and officers and venue owners and/or operators harmless from any loss or damage arising out of my actions or that of my guests.”

Article III – Dues

Section 1 – Calendar

Dues are paid twelve months in advance on anniversary of membership or the date of the last payment of annual dues. The officers set the dues with the approval of the membership.

The current membership categories and dues per 12 month period are:

                Individual Membership: $20

                Couples/Family Membership: $30

                Corporate Sponsor Membership: $80

Section 2 – Form

Dues will be collected by the Treasurer and may be paid in cash; money order, personal check and all other negotiable media, including PayPal.

Section 3 – Reporting

The Treasurer shall report the financial status of the club at each meeting.

Article IV – Voting

Section 1- Eligibility

All club members who are current with their dues are eligible to vote.

Section 2 – Items Put To a Vote

The club’s officers shall decide when and the kinds of issues and topics to be voted on by the membership. Any member may petition to any officer for issues to be brought to a vote.

Section 3 – Quorum

A meeting consisting of at least one officer and one half of the club members is to be considered a quorum.

Section 4 – Election Dates

Elections are held yearly in December with the new officers taking office in January.

Section 5 – Nominations

Nominations shall be made by the nomination committee or from any member.

Section 6 – Voting Method

Voting is by controlled ballot, limited to members whose dues are current.

Article V – Officers

Section 1- Officers

The following positions make up the entirety of the club’s officers:

  • President
  • Vice-President for Education and Recruitment
  • Vice-President for Social Events
  • Vice-President for Competitions
  • Vice-President for Communications
  • Secretary-Treasurer

Section 2 – Officer Responsibilities


Conducts the meetings. He or she is responsible for securing the meeting place. The President plans the meetings, arranges for interesting demonstrations/discussions. The president may delegate the discussion/demonstration portion of the meeting to other officers or members. The president will also review the financial records of the organization at least quarterly or as needed, and appoint committees as necessary. The president will be responsible for organizing or delegating a committee to organize the annual Palmetto State Brewers Competition.

Vice-President for Education and Recruitment

This person will see to it that guests at the club meetings are welcomed and informed about Palmetto State Brewers. This person will be the organizer of Big Brew day for the club each year. This person will also work closely with the V.P. of Social Events in order to conduct brew sessions (2 per year minimum). It will be this person’s job to educate the club about new brewing equipment and techniques as they become available. This officer should have at least one pertinent brewing related article submitted to the V.P. for Communications for the newsletter each month.

Vice-President for Social Events

This person will organize the tasting portion of club meetings and insure that there is an adequate supply of beer for tasting. This officer will also organize at least one membership party (paid for with club funds) per year and at least one road trip per year (ex. Charlotte Octoberfest, brewery tours, etc). He/She will also work with the V.P. for Education and Recruitment in planning brew sessions, a minimum of 2 brew sessions per year is required.

Vice-President for Competitions

This person will inform members of the club of upcoming competitions. They will also be the one to inform members of upcoming AHA club competitions. The V.P. for Competitions will be responsible for shipping the club’s winning beer to AHA for competition.

Vice-President for Communications

It will be this person’s responsibility to communicate with the other officers and members to gather information for the club monthly newsletter. They will also be responsible for updating/reviewing the club’s website on a monthly basis. This person is encouraged to post relevant upcoming information or recent club activities on the website.


The role of this person is to maintain the club’s funds. They will work with the other officers in order to reimburse receipts for club purchases. He or she must document all financial payments and debts. The Secretary/Treasurer will be responsible for collecting and depositing membership dues. They will also report to the club on a monthly basis the members that require membership renewal and those who are past due. This person will also be responsible for maintaining an updated membership list, including contact information).

Section 3 – Removal

Any officer of the club may be removed by the vote of a majority of the members. A club officer must recommend such a vote. Notification to the membership that an election will be conducted on the removal of an officer must be included in regular notice of the monthly meeting.

Section 4 – Officer Resignation

On the resignation of an officer, the remaining officers shall select a person to take the responsibility of the officer who left and this person shall serve out the remainder of the resigned officer’s term.

Article VI – Meetings

Section 1 – Meetings of Members

Members shall meet monthly unless otherwise instructed by the club officers.

Section 2 – Meeting Procedure

In transacting official business, the rules of Parliamentary Procedure contained in the “Roberts Rules Of Order” shall generally govern all meetings of the club.

Article VII – Bylaws Acceptance and Changes

Section 1-Acceptance

These bylaws are accepted at the time of adoption by a majority vote of club members.

Section 2 – Procedure for Changes

Any member may petition for a change in the bylaws. When changes are suggested, the petition must be presented in writing and introduced at a regular meeting of the organization. The proposed changes shall be published in the newsletter and will be voted on at the next regular club meeting provided that a 30-day notice has been given. A vote of the majority of the club’s current members must approve a bylaw change.

Article VIII – Nonprofit Corporation

Section 1-Corporate Status

The club is and shall remain incorporated as a South Carolina nonprofit corporation.

Section 2- Nonprofit Status

The club is a nonprofit Corporation under the laws of the State of South Carolina. This does not give it Section 501[c]3 Status under rules of the United States Department of Internal Revenue Service (IRS) unless applied for and received at a later date.