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PSB Oyster Roast 2019

Club Parties

Every year PSB hosts a Spring Party and Fall Party. Typically the spring party is an Oyster Roast and the fall party is a classic Low-Country Boil.

People are welcome to bring food and beer to share!

Monthly Brew Sessions

Each month a club member will open up their home and host other members. This way the host can show off their setup and their particular brewing process. It is one of the best ways to explore different options and learn more about the craft.

Hosts, remember this is an informal event. Do not worry about having too much food available or anything.

Guests, please bring snacks and treats, beer to share, and anything else to show appreciation to the hosts.

PSB Club Brew Day
PSB Beerventure 2019

Annual Brew-Venture

(Bus Trip)

Each year the club chooses a destination city and charters a bus to safely drive everyone to several breweries, taprooms, or other places of interest. The brew-ventures typically occur in August, September, or October.

Local Business Discounts

Some local businesses have graciously provided discounts for PSB members.

10% of Total Order

10% of Total Tab

(Does not combine with Krafty Draft’s Mug Club Discount)